Samara Pearlstein
Stuffy McInnis, Cracker Jack 1914, Gloucester MAJeff Juden, Score 1994, Salem MAKen Hill, Donruss 1990, Lynn MAExpanded RosterExpanded Roster (detail)Expanded Roster (detail)Expanded Roster (detail)Expanded Roster (installation detail)the most beautiful rock that never was.a rock-shaped grub on a grub-shaped rockA stone to throw in the ocean if the Red Sox start losing.A young man wearing probably too much sweater looking into a realm where there is no such thing.Jorge Luis' library books.Storming the field, but not pulling down the goalposts.carrierthe 49th bituntitled, or, The unexpected confluence of gallery and ballpark in my head and in front of your eyes.untitled (smfa)A direct quotation from Walter Benjamin (translated from the German).ATPtop-down organizationuntitled (over)The curious situation of Ryan Braunradiolarian oozeTautonym tautonymLamprima aurata, blue look (let me love you)
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